Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cute Little Auto Mechanics

A few weeks ago, Grayson's sitter was out of town, so Andrew and I got to enjoy some time with him. They absolutely love to play outside. One of their favorite things to do is "cruise" around in this jeep. Everyone in close proximity has to watch out!

I love how they talk to each other as they are riding around. Wouldn't you love to know what
 they are talking about?
I had forgotten to charge the battery, so it was moving way too slow for them! Grayson got off to check the engine . . .
Andrew was checking the gas . . .
After deciding there was enough gas, Andrew decided to help Grayson with the engine . . .
This is my favorite picture of all! They look like serious auto mechanics!!
They had to take a break from riding the jeep to let it charge, but they had just as much
 fun on the swings. There was lots of laughter!! They kept asking me to push them higher. Their favorite part was me pulling them back and letting them "drop". I had just as much fun as they did! They are such cuties!!
This is what happens when you ask two year old boys to "smile for the camera". Lots of silliness!!
This picture makes me laugh but warms my heart. Andrew loves his little New Testament Bible, and Grayson wanted one as well. They were "reading" before their nap. So precious!!
Sweet little boys!