Monday, November 5, 2012

Raleigh Weekend

Back in August, the kids and I, along with Tammy and Grayson, spent a weekend with Anthony and Jenny. It was our first visit since they moved into their new house, and we had SO much fun. They planned a whole weekend of fun just for the kids!!
All cuddled up on the couch!
They all three adore Uncle Anthony and Aunt Jenny!
While we were waiting for Tammy and Grayson to arrive on Saturday, we went to visit the NC Museum of Natural Sciences in downtown Raleigh. It was free admission, and it was awesome!!! We only had a couple of hours to spend there, but we could have stayed so much longer!
The exhibits were amazing! The globe (behind Jonathan) connects the museum and the Nature Resource Center.
Andrew was fascinated by this milk snake ~ we watched him slither around his box for what seemed like forever!! He also cracked me up with this magnifying class ~ his nose is squished against it ~ hilarious!!
In the Nature Resource Center, we could actually watch scientists as they were working, and there were a variety of science experiments for the kids to explore. This was probably their favorite part ~ we could have spent all day doing experiments!
After meeting Tammy and Grayson for lunch, we spent some time at the park. I'm not sure why I didn't get any pictures of Andrew and Grayson ~ I don't think they stopped long enough for me to get one!! All of the kids enjoyed throwing the ball for Dixie ~ she is such a sweet dog!
Later in the afternoon, Anthony and his friends took Lauren and Jonathan to Overton's  "Battle of the Brands" . They got to try wakeboarding for the first time ever ~ behind one awesome boat!! They were the youngest ones there, and they were successful on their first attempt!! They also got new lifejackets! Thanks Uncle Anthony and Aunt Jenny!!
 We took Andrew and Grayson back downtown to another museum for the afternoon, and it was perfect for them. There was lots of pretend play and water. They had SO much fun! They were overwhelmed at first ~ there were just so many different places to play!
We had planned to see "The Lorax" at the YMCA's outdoor movie night, but we were exhausted after our fun day! We all got into our pj's and watched it at home! Just as fun!!
 After church on Sunday, we ate lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, The Cheescake Factory ! It was a treat ~ we don't have one near us! Anthony then took the boys to the Lego store where more spoiling occurred!!
We had such a fun weekend!!! Thank you Anthony and Jenny for planning so many fun things for us to do! We love you both very much and cannot wait to visit you again!
And just for fun...
 Jenny and her friends had passed these sandals around, trying to find the one person they would fit ~ Lauren was the lucky one!! Andrew got new crocs while we were in Raleigh, too!