Monday, November 5, 2012

Raleigh Weekend

Back in August, the kids and I, along with Tammy and Grayson, spent a weekend with Anthony and Jenny. It was our first visit since they moved into their new house, and we had SO much fun. They planned a whole weekend of fun just for the kids!!
All cuddled up on the couch!
They all three adore Uncle Anthony and Aunt Jenny!
While we were waiting for Tammy and Grayson to arrive on Saturday, we went to visit the NC Museum of Natural Sciences in downtown Raleigh. It was free admission, and it was awesome!!! We only had a couple of hours to spend there, but we could have stayed so much longer!
The exhibits were amazing! The globe (behind Jonathan) connects the museum and the Nature Resource Center.
Andrew was fascinated by this milk snake ~ we watched him slither around his box for what seemed like forever!! He also cracked me up with this magnifying class ~ his nose is squished against it ~ hilarious!!
In the Nature Resource Center, we could actually watch scientists as they were working, and there were a variety of science experiments for the kids to explore. This was probably their favorite part ~ we could have spent all day doing experiments!
After meeting Tammy and Grayson for lunch, we spent some time at the park. I'm not sure why I didn't get any pictures of Andrew and Grayson ~ I don't think they stopped long enough for me to get one!! All of the kids enjoyed throwing the ball for Dixie ~ she is such a sweet dog!
Later in the afternoon, Anthony and his friends took Lauren and Jonathan to Overton's  "Battle of the Brands" . They got to try wakeboarding for the first time ever ~ behind one awesome boat!! They were the youngest ones there, and they were successful on their first attempt!! They also got new lifejackets! Thanks Uncle Anthony and Aunt Jenny!!
 We took Andrew and Grayson back downtown to another museum for the afternoon, and it was perfect for them. There was lots of pretend play and water. They had SO much fun! They were overwhelmed at first ~ there were just so many different places to play!
We had planned to see "The Lorax" at the YMCA's outdoor movie night, but we were exhausted after our fun day! We all got into our pj's and watched it at home! Just as fun!!
 After church on Sunday, we ate lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, The Cheescake Factory ! It was a treat ~ we don't have one near us! Anthony then took the boys to the Lego store where more spoiling occurred!!
We had such a fun weekend!!! Thank you Anthony and Jenny for planning so many fun things for us to do! We love you both very much and cannot wait to visit you again!
And just for fun...
 Jenny and her friends had passed these sandals around, trying to find the one person they would fit ~ Lauren was the lucky one!! Andrew got new crocs while we were in Raleigh, too!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Change of Plans

Last week, we were all excited about spending the weekend with Joe's sister, Rita, and her family. The icing on the cake was getting to see Joe's dad, also known as Pop Pop! We did spend the weekend with them; however, more time was spent at the hospital than at their house. : (
Unfortunately, Pop Pop had to have emergency surgery to remove a damaged portion of his colon. This made all of us anxious, as he is ninety-two, but he did amazingly well!
Joe drove down to be with him on Thursday, and we joined him on Saturday, as we didn't want the kids to miss their first two days of school.
We met Joe for lunch on our way to the hospital. We ate at a local pizzeria, Elizabeth's ~ they had a gluten free pizza for Jonathan! He also enjoyed a special dessert ~ a treat for all of their gluten free customers! He felt special!!
I love these boys! I took several pictures and each one was funnier than the one before!
When we arrived at the hospital, the sweet nurses were getting Pop Pop all cleaned up and moving him to a chair, so for about twenty minutes, some played games (what would we do without iPod touches and iPhones?) and some took a nap.
While visiting with Pop Pop, Lauren enjoyed some cuddling with Andrew. Lately, he has become Jonathan's little shadow, so Lauren cherishes every second he will give her! Precious!
It was fun to spend time with Jim, Rita and the boys. Jonathan and Andrew loved playing with Jack and Colyn. Andrew kept asking Jack if he could play in his room, and Aunt Rita brought out all of the Thomas trains she has saved through the years. They enjoyed playing with the trains and Legos in Jack's room, while lots of Spiderman, sword fighting, and gun shooting (play ones, of course!) took place in Colyn's room. Fun all around!
Colyn is absolutely amazing to watch with a Rubik's cube! He spent a couple of (frustrating!) months memorizing all of the algorithims. Joe scrambled it up really well, and his fastest time for solving it was 58 seconds! We made him do it over and over! Incredible! Jonathan was hooked ~ Colyn loaned him one of his Rubik's cubes and gave him some pointers. He has been working on it all week!

Jonathan loved their sweet dog, Obi. Andrew enjoyed him too, but on his terms! He loved it when Obi chased him, but when Obi got too excited he would start barking, and that scared Andrew to death ~ he would start crying. After a while, he learned that Obi was just wanting to play. Obi also loved giving him kisses ~ his face was easy to lick! I think Jonathan would have brought him home if he could ~ he wants a dog sooooo bad!!
It was so much fun reconnecting with family! Everyone is just so busy that we don't have enough opportunities to spend time with one another. I cherish every minute we have together! I cannot believe how fast they are all growing up! Jack starts high school this week and is excited about getting his driver's permit! That's just crazy!!
I wasn't sure that I wanted to take a picture of Pop Pop in the hospital, but I wanted one of him with the kids. He just lit up when they were in the room ~ they gave him new energy! On Monday, after we had already come home, he asked Rita when the kids were coming back. Friday, Pop Pop ~ we'll see you on Friday!
One thing I want to remember ~ Frank has never been one to say, "I love you" very freely (we know he loves us regardless of that!), but when the children say it to him, he will always say it back. I can only remember a few times that he has said it to me, even though I tell him every time I see him. When we left the hospital on Saturday, I said it and he said it back! I will cherish that moment forever!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

First Day of School

Excitement (along with a little anxiety) filled the air at our house this morning! These sweet kids were ready to begin another school year as 7th and 4th graders! We had a lot of fun together this summer, and we weren't quite ready to give up the freedom it gives us ~ but they were ready to meet their new teachers and see all of their friends!
I love the first day of school ~ I think it is the teacher in me! It is a new beginning ~ a fresh start!

This is going to be a fresh start for me with my blogging! I can't believe I haven't posted in five months! We have done so many things that I would love to share ~ maybe I can weave some of those things in each week!
See you soon!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Our Valentine's Day

Grammy picked out the most perfect Valentine's gift! The kids looove these adorable dogs!

We kept it simple ~ we had pizza for dinner and ate waaay too much chocolate! We also surprised Lauren and Jonathan with iTunes App cards ~ a new favorite! Joe also surprised me with a digital picture frame! I was so surprised and excited! We usually get each other chocolate! I thought it was so sweet ~ thank you honey!
I am so blessed ~ I love my sweet family so much!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

January ~ A Photo a Day

Have you ever tried to take at least one picture every day? It was much harder than I thought it would be ~ but I love the concept! Enjoy!
Jan. 1
We were not blessed with snow in December. Here's hoping for January!
 Jan. 2
Lauren made this pillowcase for Jonathan's birthday! She was so excited ~ she gave it to him early!
Jan. 7
Excited about decorating his Lightning McQueen cake!
 Jan. 8
Celebrating their birthdays together ~ precious, just precious!
Jan. 9
Andrew's 3rd Birthday! Lauren was sweet to apply his Cars 2 "tu-tus" (tattoos)! He loved them!
Jan. 15
Geared up for the "Bigfoot Hunt" with all the neighbors ~ "over the moon" excited!
 Jan. 16
Andrew is starting to enjoy painting ~ notice Lightning McQueen ~ always close! 
Jan. 17
Lauren had this waiting when Jonathan got out of the shower. Cute and funny! He loved it!
 Jan. 18
Lauren loves to stay after school for "training" on Wednesdays ~ they do zumba,
strength training, yoga, and more.
 Jan. 19
"Hat Day"
Jan. 20
"Crazy Hair Day" ~ oh, how we laughed and laughed ~ he told me he was rockin' crazy hair day, and indeed he was!!
 Jan. 21
Saturday morning basketball game ~ he loves it, and so do I!
Jan. 22
Jonathan's 9th Birthday! He loves to be silly ~ especially when I start to take his picture!
Jonathan had a strained ankle ~ it bothered him really bad for about a week, but then he was on the mend.
 Jan. 24
No snow in sight! I can't remember my pansies ever looking like this in January! I recently read this is one of the warmest winters we have ever seen!
Jan. 25
Having fun on Emily's electric scooter ~ they love it!
Jan. 27
Lauren broke her finger during a game of kickball at school ~ so much for being rewarded for good behavior!
Jan. 28
Beth and I took Lauren and Taylor to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D! We loved it ~ it brought back sweet memories ~ it was their favorite princess movie when they were little!
Jan. 29
We had fun visiting with Papaw. We love him so much!
Jan. 30
Lauren enjoying one of her favorites ~ a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit ~ following an early morning doctor's visit to be fitted with a temporary splint. 
Jan. 31
Let the healing begin!

Monday, March 12, 2012

It's Broken!

If I had been asked which one of my children might be the first to break a bone, I wouldn't have picked Lauren! And I never would have thought it would happen during a game of kickball ~ although . . . she was happy to say that she caught the ball and the boy was out!!
~ an oblique (diagonal, I learned) fracture to her right hand's liittle finger ~
 We were referred to a hand specialist, as the break was very close to a growth plate. We were relieved and happy to find out that the bones were perfectly aligned, which meant no surgery!
 She was fitted for a custom made splint (removable for showers ~ woo hoo!). There were lots of colors to choose from, and I was so surprised that she chose hot pink! Ha!
 The hand therapist was so sweet!
 ~ choosing a color for the velcro straps ~
It's easier to wear a splint for six weeks when it's pretty colors!

She was such a trooper throughout the entire ordeal. She broke it right before school let out on Friday, so by the time the pediatrician saw us and ordered an x-ray, it was getting late in the evening. We had to go to the hospital for the x-ray, and our doctor called with the results on Saturday. He didn't put a splint on it until Monday (we kept it buddy-taped) and we saw the hand specialist on Tuesday.
 She was in a lot of pain Friday and Saturday ~ a sleepover on Friday night and seeing Beauty and the Beast in 3D on Saturday (we were in line for tickets when the doctor's office called and they closed in 45 minutes, thus our reason for waiting until Monday for the temporary splint!) kept her focus away from it!