Monday, March 12, 2012

It's Broken!

If I had been asked which one of my children might be the first to break a bone, I wouldn't have picked Lauren! And I never would have thought it would happen during a game of kickball ~ although . . . she was happy to say that she caught the ball and the boy was out!!
~ an oblique (diagonal, I learned) fracture to her right hand's liittle finger ~
 We were referred to a hand specialist, as the break was very close to a growth plate. We were relieved and happy to find out that the bones were perfectly aligned, which meant no surgery!
 She was fitted for a custom made splint (removable for showers ~ woo hoo!). There were lots of colors to choose from, and I was so surprised that she chose hot pink! Ha!
 The hand therapist was so sweet!
 ~ choosing a color for the velcro straps ~
It's easier to wear a splint for six weeks when it's pretty colors!

She was such a trooper throughout the entire ordeal. She broke it right before school let out on Friday, so by the time the pediatrician saw us and ordered an x-ray, it was getting late in the evening. We had to go to the hospital for the x-ray, and our doctor called with the results on Saturday. He didn't put a splint on it until Monday (we kept it buddy-taped) and we saw the hand specialist on Tuesday.
 She was in a lot of pain Friday and Saturday ~ a sleepover on Friday night and seeing Beauty and the Beast in 3D on Saturday (we were in line for tickets when the doctor's office called and they closed in 45 minutes, thus our reason for waiting until Monday for the temporary splint!) kept her focus away from it!

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