Tuesday, March 13, 2012

January ~ A Photo a Day

Have you ever tried to take at least one picture every day? It was much harder than I thought it would be ~ but I love the concept! Enjoy!
Jan. 1
We were not blessed with snow in December. Here's hoping for January!
 Jan. 2
Lauren made this pillowcase for Jonathan's birthday! She was so excited ~ she gave it to him early!
Jan. 7
Excited about decorating his Lightning McQueen cake!
 Jan. 8
Celebrating their birthdays together ~ precious, just precious!
Jan. 9
Andrew's 3rd Birthday! Lauren was sweet to apply his Cars 2 "tu-tus" (tattoos)! He loved them!
Jan. 15
Geared up for the "Bigfoot Hunt" with all the neighbors ~ "over the moon" excited!
 Jan. 16
Andrew is starting to enjoy painting ~ notice Lightning McQueen ~ always close! 
Jan. 17
Lauren had this waiting when Jonathan got out of the shower. Cute and funny! He loved it!
 Jan. 18
Lauren loves to stay after school for "training" on Wednesdays ~ they do zumba,
strength training, yoga, and more.
 Jan. 19
"Hat Day"
Jan. 20
"Crazy Hair Day" ~ oh, how we laughed and laughed ~ he told me he was rockin' crazy hair day, and indeed he was!!
 Jan. 21
Saturday morning basketball game ~ he loves it, and so do I!
Jan. 22
Jonathan's 9th Birthday! He loves to be silly ~ especially when I start to take his picture!
Jonathan had a strained ankle ~ it bothered him really bad for about a week, but then he was on the mend.
 Jan. 24
No snow in sight! I can't remember my pansies ever looking like this in January! I recently read this is one of the warmest winters we have ever seen!
Jan. 25
Having fun on Emily's electric scooter ~ they love it!
Jan. 27
Lauren broke her finger during a game of kickball at school ~ so much for being rewarded for good behavior!
Jan. 28
Beth and I took Lauren and Taylor to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D! We loved it ~ it brought back sweet memories ~ it was their favorite princess movie when they were little!
Jan. 29
We had fun visiting with Papaw. We love him so much!
Jan. 30
Lauren enjoying one of her favorites ~ a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit ~ following an early morning doctor's visit to be fitted with a temporary splint. 
Jan. 31
Let the healing begin!

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