Saturday, March 10, 2012

Christmas Morning

I love Christmas morning! We were awake really early, as Jonathan was awake every.single.hour (too cute!) until 4 am, when I put him in the bed with Joe, hoping he might sleep a little better. He lasted until 6:30, and we had to work really hard to get Andrew awake. I just loved all of the excitement!! Everyone was excited about all of their gifts, yet truly mindful of the One we were celebrating!
 Lauren's goodies ~ love the polka dot rain boots!
Jonathan's goodies ~ lots of them! 
 Andrew's goodies ~ he got the chair last year ~ I think Santa used it so the boys would be able to tell their gifts apart! 
 I just love Christmas pajamas ~ and sweet little ones opening gifts!
I love Lauren's Santa hat ~ all three of them have loved wearing them throughout the Christmas season!
The Harry Potter collection is complete!
Can you see the excitement in his eyes?
Cuteness, pure cuteness!
Could this really be Diagon Alley?
Bella loves wrapping paper!
 My handsome guys ~ I love them so much!
 I love those smiles ~ so excited!
I love all the paper and boxes that cover the living room on Christmas morning! Such fun ~ a sweet reminder of a very special celebration ~ all in honor of our Lord and Saviour!!

Merry Christmas ~ Happy Birthday, Jesus!

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