Sunday, March 11, 2012

Jonathan is 9!

January 22, 2012

I don't know if it's a boy thing or not, but Jonathan likes to keep his birthday celebrations simple (which I have to admit makes life easy for me!). He wanted to have a sleepover with several of his friends, but one of his best friends, Dylan, beat him to it!! Jonathan didn't mind at all ~ he got to have a sleepover with his best friends, and he was more than content with that! I promised him another sleepover, very soon!
I was excited when Jonathan asked to help decorate his cake ~ I never even thought to ask him ~ I never dreamed he would enjoy it so much!!
~ so focused on outlining the soccer ball ~
~ little brother getting in on the action ~ just hoping to eat some icing! ~
I think this picture is so sweet!
I taught him how to make the stars (just like my Aunt Annetta taught me), and he did an awesome job!
I think he would have decorated it entirely if it hadn't been so late!
Candles in our breakfast ~ a family tradition that we all love!
Simple, yet perfect! I love how the soccer ball turned out!
We invited everyone over for lunch after church to celebrate ~ we enjoyed pizza and salad. Our local restaurant, Apollo Flame, now has a gluten free crust on their menu, and Jonathan loves it!!
Opening presents is Jonathan's favorite part of the celebration (isn't it everyone's?!)!
He had lots of helpers!
Love the Angry Birds t-shirt from Grammy and Grandpa!
My mom and I always do this ~ we think it's hilarious! Brendan was super excited ~ Jonathan gave him one!
I simply love this picture of my precious Papaw! I love him with my whole heart!
A great grandfather is such a blessing!
This picture captures my sweet boy's fun-loving personality that we love so much!
These two are just  t-r-o-u-b-l-e ~ partners in mischief!
A big thank you to everyone for making Jonathan's birthday extra special! He really enjoyed the day!!

Dear Jonathan,
     I simply can't believe that you are nine years old! You are our sports enthusiast ~ you love to play everything ~ football, basketball, and soccer! You have never really been interested in playing baseball ~ it's just too slow for you ~ you want to be running all the time! You are so dedicated to giving it your all ~ every practice and every game. You were chosen for the All Star Football team and your coach told me it was because you were at every practice, you were always smiling, and you were always willing to do anything and everything they asked of you! Your daddy and I were so proud of you ~ those things are important to football, but they are even more important in the "game of life"!
     You are also very dedicated to doing well in school ~ this is your first year to get grades, and you have made A Honor Roll once and A/B Honor Roll twice. Your were also committed to working hard to secure your place in Mrs. Christian's AIG class! I love your confidence and your willingness to work hard! Your teachers absolutely love you ~ I think you might even be the teacher's pet! This is also your first year taking piano lessons, and Mrs. Hipp just raves about you all the time! I think you make it just as fun for her as she makes it for you! You love to play the piano any chance you get! And you are doing so well at it!! Pop Pop will be excited to hear you play!
      You absolutely love to be outside playing with your sister and your friends! You spend hours and hours in the "Witch's Forest" and you love playing Wizard School. You also love to shoot basketball and throw the football with all the boys in the neighborhood! You will also spend hours playing Wii games (Lego Star Wars!) with Jordyn on a cold or rainy day! Your friends are important to you ~ whether they are school, church, neighborhood, or long-time family friends!
      You also love your family! You are a great brother to Lauren and Andrew! You and Lauren have your moments, but they are few and far between ~ you really are best friends! And I love to watch you with not only Andrew, but Grayson as well! You love to play with them and they absolutely adore you! Andrew gets so excited when you get home from school! You love anything related to science (nonfiction books are some of your favorites, Legos of any kind (especially those tiny people), drawing/art, and you would give your right arm for a dog! xoxo 
     You also have a love for the Lord and for church. You are proud to be a Christian.You show concern when friends are not acting in a Christian manner, and you "tell on yourself" when you've made mistakes.You ask lots of questions about God, Jesus and Heaven ~ ones that are thought provoking and often hard (for me) to answer. You really try to live every day doing what is right ~ you are confident in knowing you want to be in Heaven one day. That makes my heart so happy ~ I pray that faith remains in you always!
     We are blessed that you are our son ~ you are so full of life! You are energetic, curious, kind, loving (I hope you always kiss and hug me the way you do now ~ especially before bed), and generous! You are (and always have been) strong-willed and want everything to be fair, but it's usually channeled in the right way! xoxo 
     We love you more than you will ever know sweet boy!!

Love, Mommy and Daddy

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