Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Christmas Eve

We always celebrate Christmas Eve at my mom and dad's house with my mom's side of the family. We always have way too much food and fun!
 All of the kids ~ both younger and older ~ were excited to open presents, but Andrew and Grayson were by far the most excited! This was the first year that they "got it", and they were so cute! Joe helped Andrew open all of his presents so I could take lots of pictures! This was a Lightning McQueen t-shirt from his great Aunt Claudia, and it is simply not enough to say that he loved it! He gave her a great big hug, but my picture turned out really blurry ~ so disappointing.
 Taylor and Lauren
Jonathan really enjoyed his new game ~ he and Joe played that night when we got home! I wish I had better pictures of Brendan. You can catch a glimpse of him beside Jonathan ~ he loved the Ninjago Legos that we picked out for him! 
Grayson loves Batman and Spiderman as much as Andrew loves Cars characters!
We got Taylor a basketball subway art print, and he loved it!!
 My dad wore this hat all afternoon! He was cracking me up!!
I wish I had a video of him opening this present! He started jumping up and down, bubbling with excitement! It was so precious and so contagious ~ I love this age!! Aunt Tammy and Uncle Rich picked out a most perfect gift!
 Mama with her favorite daughter-in-law!
We now have an entire city of Hexbugs! Some even glow in the the dark!
 Jennifer ~ your little boy is growing up on us!
He looks like he is putting the bow on his head, but he is taking it off. He left it on about .8 seconds! Ha!
This was Grayson's favorite present! A web shooter from Aunt Claudia! He makes a great Spiderman!
 Jonathan and Lauren sporting their new Carhartt hats! Aunt Jenny surprised all of us with hats, scarves, shirts, and more! We got to pass around a box and pick out anything we wanted ~ it was lots of fun! Thank you so much!!
 Looking so cute with her braces and her new hat ~ where did my little girl go?!
 Grammy love is the best!
Lots of teasing about the braces from Uncle Anthony! All in love! Ha!
The perfect ending to a wonderful afternoon!

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