Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Girls on the Run

December 10, 2011
UNCA campus
Lauren wanted to participate in "Girls on the Run" last year. They offered it at her elementary school in the fall, but I suggested she wait until the spring so it would be warmer when she ran the actual race. I also wanted to be able to do it with her, and I knew training would be easier for me to accomplish in the spring. However, they did not offer it in the spring, and we were so disappointed! We thought they might offer it at her middle school this fall, but they didn't. Our neighbor, Emily, started the program at school this fall, and I asked if Lauren could be one of her running partners (Emily's mom was her official running partner). She was so excited when they said yes!
 Mrs. Sonia, Emily, and Lauren ~ trying to stay warm before the race. The race started at noon ~ the wind made it cold, but the sky was gorgeous ~ not a cloud in sight.
The race leaders ~ Santa with one of his elves ~ they were not too convincing. I mean, look at Santa's beard! Too funny! 
And. . . they're off ~ Lauren is all smiles in her pink shirt!
Here they come! Andrew and I were waiting with Emily's grandmother; we were so excited to see them cross the finish line!
They did awesome! They ran the entire race ~ no walking!! I love their pink medals!!
 I was so proud of Lauren ~ she was in good shape from soccer ~ I ran with her some, and when we couldn't run outside, she ran on our (very old) treadmill! She really pushed herself to accomplish this goal!
I was also proud of Emily and Sonia ~ Sonia had never run before and she worked really hard to be able to do this with Emily! Way to go runner girls!!
After the race, I treated the girls to pizza at a favorite local pizzeria ~ Frank's Roman Pizza! They were starving (so were Andrew and I!) ~ it was delicious!

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