Sunday, January 15, 2012

October Fun

I haven't forgotten my blog-we have just been soooo busy!
 Here is the first of a few peeks at what we have been up to!!

One of our favorite things to do in the fall is to pick out pumpkins. This year Andrew brought
 added excitement-he loved it just as much as Lauren and Jonathan! They were so
careful to pick out the "perfect" pumpkin!
No matter where we tried to take a picture, the sun was in his little eyes! Such a good sport!
I just love the way he is looking at his big brother!
Lauren and Jonathan chose bigger pumpkins, but Andrew insisted on choosing a little
pumpkin for them as well! He just looked and looked for the right one and was so excited to give it to them. They were so sweet to him-acting so delighted! Warms my heart!!
Love this sweet, sweet girl!

Andrew had the most fun playing with Halloween finger puppets!

We enjoyed our second "Annual Neighborhood Pumpkin Carving".
Lauren with Mrs. Sonia and Emily
Mrs. Rachel and Jordyn
Mr. Mike (working very hard! Ha!) and Kylie - Nathan was here too, but his eyes were
closed in the pic Joe took of him.

We also enjoyed our annual "Trick or Treating Party". Our tradition started many years ago,
and we look forward to it every year! Next year I will have to get more pictures-we had eleven kids, and with all of the excitement they are hard to corral!
The one picture I took of all of them did not turn out so well.
Getting ready. . .
I really didn't think Andrew would care about his costume, but he insisted on being a blue monster! They had the cutest little lion costume at Target, and since we had just seen The Lion King in 3D (and he loved it), I thought that would be perfect! But he wasn't interested at all, and I have to admit - I loved him in this costume-especially since he picked it out!
 Lauren made our awesome Halloween banner!
A ghost Ninja, a Candy Corn witch, and a blue monster
Grammy stopped by after work to see her
sweeties "all dressed up"!
Andrew, Grayson (who did not want to dress up! Ha!), and Gabby - the cuties of the night! The older kids ran off and left us, but we had the most fun watching these three! They walked/ran our entire neighborhood and loved every minute of it!! So did all of our neighbors!
Lauren and Abi -friends since three year old preschool
We had a very fun Halloween!

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