Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Rainy Fourth

" Rain, rain, go away, 
Come again another day!"
This is how we felt for most of the Fourth of July weekend, but we made the most of the breaks in the rain and even saw a few rays of sunshine!
 We were so happy Anthony, Jenny, and Dixie could spend the weekend with us!
 Our very handsome boat driver...
 Lauren and her Grandpa are always smiling... and mischievous!
 Swimming in the rain ~ I just love the goggles!
Getting to spend so much time at the lake with their grandparents makes summer so much fun!
 Enjoying some snacks ~ in the SUNSHINE!! I think we caught about a one hour window of no rain that afternoon.
 Jonathan managed to have quite a bit of fun, despite the rain!

The fireworks were rescheduled because of rain, then they were "cut short" due to the threat of a major thunderstorm. The few we got to see were beautiful, and we were able to make it back home just before the storm rolled in! I loved being able to see the fireworks on the water ~ it's such a special treat ~ even if there were just a few!

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