Monday, October 10, 2011

The Play Lodge

Back to the week that I kept Grayson (in August)! Will I ever just have current posts?

I wanted to do some fun things with the boys while Grayson was staying with us, so we headed over to the Play Lodge. It is brand new, and it is such a cute, fun place for little kids to play! On one side they have a town. There is a fire department (complete with a burning building), a hair salon, a doctor's office and a grocery store. Each one has dress up clothes and props for the kids to put their imaginations to work! It all looks so real!
I thought the boys would spend most of their time playing fireman, but boy was I wrong. They loved the grocery store, and that is where they spent most of their time.
Andrew loved the cash register.
Grayson loved collecting the food and carrying it around.
There was also a beautiful castle that took up most of the back wall. Lauren would have loved
this as a little girl!
The boys loved chasing each other through it, stopping to peek at me every now and then!
They also enjoyed the slide. Grayson kept carrying around a barn full of animals, and he loved throwing the barn down the slide. Too funny, but I had to make him stop because it was waaaay too loud!!
They also spent quite a bit of time climbing all over this dog. They took turns sitting on the dog (after some encouragement - ha!).
It didn't take long for them to discover it is even more fun to sit on the dog together. I love watching these two together- they are so cute when they are laughing!
Grayson loved this barn and all of the animals in it! He carried it around for a long time, stopping periodically to play with it. If he wanted to play somewhere, I had to hold it so no one else would take it!
They spent a lot of time on this slide- they most enjoyed climbing all over it . . .
And sliding down head first!
There were lots of different bouncy houses. We will have to go back with Lauren and Jonathan. They would really enjoy this part (although they would love playing with the little guys in all of the other areas too!).
Andrew was hesitant about climbing into this bouncy house, and would not do it by himself. With Grayson leading the way, he was much more willing to try it. They loved it and did it over and over again!
They also loved running and hiding in this one - and climbing in and out!
After a fun filled morning, we headed over to Chick-fil-a for some lunch. They both ate all of their chicken and most of their fries! They had really worked up an appetite! I think this picture is so cute! They were so sweet - just talking about all the fun they had! I just love these boys!!
Happy Monday!

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