Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Andrew's Tricycle

I think these are just too cute for words!
I love his independence (most of the time- ha!). He would get frustrated, but he did not want me to help him at all!

This is my favorite of the two. He is getting better at pedaling and I love that he takes his feet off the pedals! Listen closely and you'll hear him say, "Watch this. Me go down hill." Soooo cute!
It is so fun to watch your children learn new things!

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  1. I tried to read this on my phone now I know why I couldn't. You are moving up and posting VIDEOS!! Really. Very impressed with your blogging! I could squeeze that handsome boy. He is so rough and tough but sweet at the same time. The picture you requested is on its way soon. I have it but to mail it - that is the problem.