Saturday, November 19, 2011

Virginia Creeper Trail

I absolutely love fall! I love the cooler temperatures, the bright blue skies, and the gorgeous leaves! So, when our friends, Vic and Jenny, invited us to bike the Virginia Creeper Trail with them in mid-October, I could hardly contain my excitement!! 
Andrew, Jonathan, Cade, Lauren, Emma and Yates
Best friends - they led the way all day, and even saw deer crossing the trail!
Sweet girl with her daddy
Me and my little man (with his dum dum lollipop). Isn't the scenery "picture perfect"?! I loved all of the farmhouses and old barns! The colors of the leaves created the most beautiful backdrop!
Seeing these sweet friends so happy together just fills my heart with joy! Lauren and Emma met in their three year old preschool class; Jonathan and Cade were just babies. When they are together it is like they have never been apart (even if it has been weeks or months)!
What a cutie patootie! (no partiality at all)
Enjoying a snack with Daddy
These kids were amazing- especially Yates! He is only five, yet he managed to keep up with all of us all day!! Pretty much with ease, too!!
Isn't this another gorgeous view?! We saw lots of Christmas tree farms, and the colorful leaves
framed them perfectly!
We had originally planned for Joe to rent a bike with a pull behind cart, as we knew 19 miles would be a long way for Andrew to ride on the back of my bike. However, it was a peak weekend for leaves, and there were no more carts for rent (or bikes- Joe had to borrow our neighbor's new bike- thanks Rick).
 I was a little worried, but he did great- even sleeping for about 45 minutes!!
That does not look comfortable at all!
Sweet girls
All smiles, all day!
The only thing keeping those kids out of the river was the cool temperatures and the ice cold water!
I would love to go back in June so they could play in the water! I would also like to see the
 rhodendron in full bloom!
We had such a fun day! Family, friends, the most perfect fall day. . .  I felt so blessed!!

 We stopped for lunch after we had biked a little over half of the trail, at the neatest cafe (I should have taken a picture), and we ate the best chocolate cake with chocolate icing that I have ever had! It was three layers thick, and the slices were huge!! (should have gotten a pic of that, too!) Good thing we were biking- Ha!

We loved spending the day with these dear friends! Thank you so much for inviting us!! 
(I cannot believe I do not have one single picture of Vic or Jenny- shame on me!)

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