Monday, June 30, 2014

Lake Weekend with Friends

What makes a lake weekend with family even more fun? Why friends, of course! Mama and Daddy were sweet (and brave!) to let Lauren and Jonathan invite friends to the lake for the weekend. It was their first time to try knee boarding and skiing, and they did great!! We were blessed with beautiful weather for a long weekend ~ everything was perfect!
 These kids have a lot of fun when they're together!
Joe and Daddy spent a lot of time on the waverunner ~ they made sure the kids were enjoying themselves.
 Kevin and Sharon made knee boarding look so easy!
I love seeing my parents having fun on the waverunners. 
 Andrew always has double the fun when friends are around!
 So cute... and so sweet!
Kevin is always smiling ~ and he kept us laughing ~ he says the funniest things!
I used to love riding double with my happy our kids get to enjoy the lake in the summer.
These girls have such a sweet friendship.
And.... he's up!!! He would not give up... and I'm so glad he didn't! Don't you love that smile?!
My sweet loves...
It's been seventeen years, and he still makes me laugh, all the time! I love this man with all my heart!
Look who's skiing ~ all smiles! We were all so excited!
Daddy took them for a "wild and crazy" ride before we had to leave on Monday. The boys let go a little early, the wind caught the tube, and they went skipping across the water like a couple of rocks! I was laughing so hard ~ it was funny to listen to them talking about it! So blessed to have had such a fun weekend!

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