Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Little Boys of Fall

Today was Jonathan's first game of the season, and let me tell you, it felt nothing like fall! It was so hot! We played the Madison team, and this was only the third game ever played on this field. The high school team played their first game on it last night. It was a really nice football field.
Lining up for the first kickoff. Jonathan is wearing number 30 (second from the left).
This is all new. Last year his age group did not kickoff/receive. This is also the first year they play without the coaches on the field with them. The coaches and referees did guide them a little bit when first lining up.
They look so cute in their uniforms. We thought they did a really good job getting in their positions. Jonathan played the entire game. He played defensive end and wide receiver. He made some great blocks and tackles. One of his blocks helped the running back break free for a touchdown.
Andrew and Lauren were trying to cool off with sno cones.
We were winning 16-0 at halftime.
We won!!! The final score was 30-0!
Those boys had to be exhausted!
Isn't this the sweetest thing? He loves his Grandpa (although he calls him Papaw-still working on that Daddy).
Jonathan loves it when Grandpa comes to his games (actually, we all do)!
Lunch and sweet treats at Dairy Queen. Could it get any better?
Way too much fun sharing a cone!

After our hot afternoon, the kids really wanted to play in the sprinkler. They rounded up their friends only to have their fun spoiled by the rumbling of thunder. Plan B - build forts in the living room and watch Nanny McPhee (the second one).

Lauren and Emily
Jonathan and Jordyn
Hope your Saturday was as fun as ours!

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