Friday, August 19, 2011

Pop Pop's Visit

I am excited to be posting these pictures from Pop Pop's visit in May! We all enjoyed his week long visit!
 Lauren and Jonathan were still in school, so Andrew got to have Pop Pop all to himself. They enjoyed building with the Legos. And if you look closely, you will see the art easel by the rocking chair. Andrew loved drawing "pictures" for Pop Pop to admire, and we learned that Pop Pop is quite an artist!
Pop Pop plays the piano so beautifully! I could sit and listen to him play for hours. He shared with me that his father bought him his first piano when he was ten years old, so he has been playing for 81 years! We are blessed to have the grand piano that was in Joe's home growing up. I love that Lauren is taking piano lessons, and I'm looking forward to Jonathan joining her in the fall.
 Pop Pop's visit fell at the most perfect time, as he got to attend Lauren's very first piano recital. (I don't have pictures, as Andrew took quite a bit of entertaining - church and a piano recital back to back is a lot to expect from a two year old. Ha!)
We enjoyed lots of good food and wine with Pop Pop! I cooked most nights - Joe thought he was in heaven with a home-cooked meal complete with dessert several nights in a row! Joe and I treated Pop Pop to dinner at the Italian restaurant, Travinia's. The food was absolutely divine!! We had the best tiramasu that any of us had ever eaten!! Pop Pop LOVED our night out on the town! The waitress and hostess loved him as well! (I forgot my camera that night.)
Pop Pop wanted to go out to eat the following night and he wanted us to choose a kid friendly restaurant - he wanted to treat all of us to dinner! The kids love pizza, so we chose Brixx- wood fired pizzas, with a gluten free crust for Jonathan! Yea!! Pop Pop enjoyed pears and gorgonzola cheese - seemed like a favorite!
Looks like we all tried to match! Ha!
Ice cream - a Zavaglia favorite! We could not pass up Cold Stone for a sweet treat!
Joe has been shopping for a new car (new to him) for a year or more. He owned his Ford Explorer for seventeen years!! Pop Pop told us he would only take us out to eat if Joe bought himself a new car and tires for my car (we had been procrastinating). I think a prod from Pop Pop was just what Joe needed!
Joe's new (to him) Chevy Trailblazer! Good pick Pop Pop!
It was truly a blessing to have Pop Pop all to ourselves for a week! We love you so much!!

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