Thursday, June 23, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt at Church

It was a gorgeous day for an egg hunt. It took about five minutes for all of the eggs to be found, but those little ones were precious!

I love this sweet picture of Andrew holding his basket! He would not let me hold it at all - even when it was full of eggs!

Andrew found an egg at the top of the slide!
After hunting for eggs, the little guys had fun swinging!

These sweet girls are not only neighbors, but best friends! I only have this one picture of all of them. Their egg hunt was in a different place, and since this was Andrew and Grayson's  first real egg hunt, they got all of the attention. Sorry girls!
Andrew LOVES Emily! And she LOVES him!
I think this is a sweet picture of Tammy and Grayson. Love their smiles!
When we got home, many of the kids in our neighborhood joined in another egg hunt. The girls would hide the eggs for the boys and vice versa. Andrew just wanted to find the eggs!

The whole clan! I love every one of these kids! Liam is wearing a Halloween bucket on his head (always the comedian, and fun to have around!).

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