Thursday, June 23, 2011

Easter Sunday

Easter in June? I am still catching up!

I love Easter morning! One of my favorite memories from growing up was attending sunrise services on Easter morning! It is like a new beginning every year! I can't wait until Andrew is just a little bit older so that we can make it a family tradition!
Jonathan was the first one awake on Easter morning and he was SO excited!

The Easter Bunny left him the second Harry Potter book (just in time, as he finished the first one on Saturday!), blue swim goggles, and lots of candy! He loved it all!!
Lauren got the Ramona and Beezus movie (her new favorite!), pink swim goggles, and lots of chocolate! She was one happy girl!
It was so cute to watch these three together! Lauren and Jonathan seemed to be more excited about Andrew's basket than their own! I love how they love one another SO much!!
Lots and lots of choc (as Andrew calls it!). I think that is all he ate for the entire day - it has milk in it, right?!
I LOVE this picture! The look on his face is priceless!! Bubbles!!
He also got a dinosaur sticker book! I think he loved it too!
The boys had a great time playing with the bubble gun!
I love my mom and sister! So happy to have this pretty picture of the three of us!
Precious cousins!
My sweet, sweet babies!
I love our family! Sometimes I look at pictures of all five of us and am just amazed at how God has blessed me! I am SO grateful for such a wonderful husband and three precious kids!
Can you tell he loves to swing?
Look at the caterpillar!
I think this is an awesome picture of my great uncle Johnny and my Papaw!
Of course there was more egg hunting!
Grayson was trying to blow bubbles and he was using his entire body to puff air! It was absolutely hysterical! He loved those bubbles! And the less clothes he has on, the better! Love this sweet toddler!

The Easter baskets, the beautiful Easter church service, the wonderful food, the egg hunts, and the joy of being together was very special. But it is nothing in comparison to our risen Savior. I thank God for his unending grace and overwhelming love, and I am indebted to Jesus who died on that cross for my sins. It is all unbelievably amazing and ever so humbling. This post is two months late, but we are still celebrating Easter - as Christians we have the joy of celebrating it every day of the year!

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