Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Fun Saturday

On Saturday, Jonathan and Lauren went bowling for a friend's birthday. While they were having lots of fun, Andrew and I did a few errands ~ but not without stopping by Chick-fil-A for lunch and an ice cream cone! His smile just melts my heart!
After the bowling party, Olivia and Sophie came over to hang out for a little while. Joe and I put them to work! Ha ~ not really! We were busy taking down Christmas decorations ~ Jonathan and Sophie were sweet to take the ornaments off his tree. They are such cute friends!
 Olivia and Lauren took down her tree as well. It really was a huge help! Livvy got a sewing machine for Christmas, so Lauren enjoyed helping her get started with it. Such sweet besties!
 Our neighbor, Emily, joined them a little later ~ they took a break from sewing for facials! I have to admit I almost said no ~ our house was already a mess ~ but I was really glad I let them! They had SO much fun! 
 These three had just as much fun playing games ~ Headbandz and Fibbers! 
I love that they included Andrew!
I laugh SO hard every time I look at these next pictures!! They are hilarious to me!!
It was such a fun day! And we did get all of the Christmas decorations put away!

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