Monday, January 28, 2013

Double Digits

Last Tuesday, we celebrated Jonathan's 10th Birthday!
I went to eat lunch with him, and we got our own table! His friend, Will, joined us, and it was so fun! I brought fudge pops for his class to enjoy ~ they were a hit, even though it was barely 27 degrees outside! Ice cream always tastes good, right?!
Our evening was kind of crazy ~ he had basketball practice, and I had an important meeting at church. I made pork chops with sweet potato fries (one of his favorites!) for dinner, and we decided to enjoy dessert and presents after everyone got home.
 Andrew loves opening presents, his and everyone else's! Jonathan was so sweet to let him help! Our kids are really loving board games right now, so we bought him DICEcapades! They played it with our neighbor the other day, and there was lots of fun going on!! He also asked for the book, "How to Train Your Dragon" ~ he loves the movie and wanted to read the book. It is actually a series, so we got him the first two ~ I think he is going to enjoy reading them!
We finally got to enjoy dessert ~ an ooey gooey chocolately chex mix! Lauren and Jonathan helped me make it ~ we had never had it before ~ I found the recipe on Pinterest ~ it was DELICIOUS! Especially for chocoholics like Jonathan and Joe!

Happy Birthday, Jonathan! We are so blessed to be your parents ~ you are such an amazing kid!!  You love sports and playing outside, yet you also enjoy playing the piano. You are all boy (loud and rambunctious!), yet you are SO tenderhearted. You truly have God in your heart, and you are so kind and loving to others. We all love you ~ more than you could ever imagine!!!

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