Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Lake

We spent the last two days of Spring Break at the lake with family. The weather was beautiful on Thursday, so we headed to the park.
Grayson is all smiles!

I love to watch Lauren with the "little guys"!

This was Andrew's first time on a see saw. He wasn't quite sure what to think at first.

I think it was my mom's idea to let the little ones try it together. It was so cute! They weigh about the same amount, so they balanced it perfectly! After a few minutes, they started to push off with their feet. Fun!!

More smiles!
I know my sister will not be happy about the backside shot, but this picture is too cute not to share!

This girl loves her Aunt Tammy and Grammy!

Love the tongue!

Boys love rocks!

And sticks!

He is so proud of himself for throwing a rock in the lake.
Such joy!

How close can I get without getting wet?
I LOVE this picture because it really captures Grayson's personality. He loves to get dirty!

His feet are wet, and he is all smiles!! And that water was COLD!

Grammy with her Zavaglia babies!

Grayson and Jonathan just chillin' before bed. These two are big buddies!

We had lots of fun at the lake. We missed Grandpa at the park, but he was working hard! Rich is going to be able to cook some good meals in the new smoker! (I should have taken a picture!)

After the park, my mom and sister took Lauren and Jonathan to see Hop. They all thought it was cute!

When is Hop movie in theaters
It was cold and gloomy on Friday, and Grandpa had to go home for work, so we decided to take the kids to an indoor playground/arcade. Much to our surprise it didn't open until 4:30 (I  guess not everyone was on Spring Break. Ha!), so we decided to see another movie!

We all loved it! It was Grayson's first movie and he did GREAT! Thank you Grammy for treating us to a movie, including popcorn and candy!!

We had a lot of fun together! We are looking forward to summer!

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  1. It is great to see pictures of your mom and sister. Both of your boys look very similar. My kids have seen Hop but are wanting to see Rio.

  2. Lots of people ask if they are twins! They are really cute together. I thought Rio was great. It was funny! It's made by the same people as Ice Age, and we love that movie too!