Monday, April 25, 2011

Not All Play

Lauren and Jonathan had a blast at Kylie's sleepover because I did not see or hear from them until late Monday morning. And that was only because they came home to get their swimsuits! Nathan and Kylie invited them to go swimming at the Y while their mom trained for her 1/2 Iron Man (or is it Iron Woman?!)
 (Incredible, I know!)
A couple of hours later, they came home for a sandwich and then played outside for the rest of the day. We enjoyed dinner outside (it was such a beautiful day), and they were ready to ride bikes until dark! Luckily for Joe, their friends weren't quite ready to come back out, so they helped Joe carry and stack fire wood.

A couple of guys dropped the wild cherry in our backyard, but Joe decided he would burn the limbs and cut it up for fire wood. It took him about a week (and two weekends) to clean up all of the wood. It looks great!

Jonathan would have rather been playing, but once he got going he actually had fun! Andrew even helped! He kept saying, "Big tree down!"

Lauren enjoyed helping her Daddy!

This brought back memories - I used to help my Daddy do this!

Aren't you proud Grandpa?! Now you know where to find good help!

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