Monday, April 25, 2011

More Sleepover Fun

On Tuesday, Olivia and Sophie came over to play. It was a low key day for everyone - Lauren and Jonathan were exhausted from the day before, as were the girls (they had spent the day at gymnastics camp!)

They decided it would be fun to build forts in the living room!
I think every blanket, pillow, and chair in the house was in the living room!
Lauren and Olivia were using the computer as their TV. They also enjoyed doing crafts!

Jonathan and Sophie built their fort so that they could see the television from inside of it. They also enjoyed looking at books!

And of course, Andrew had to have a fort! Isn't he cute peeking out the window?!

The play date turned into a sleepover, and the kids made beds in their forts. They watched Alvin and the Chipmunks while munching on popcorn. Sophie was the first to fall asleep and Jonathan was so sweet. He said, "I am going to put a blanket over Sophie so she doesn't get cold." They are such sweet friends. Sophie is so petite, but she is such a little tomboy!

The next day was actually Sophie's 7th birthday, so we surprised her with a candle in her cinnamon crumb muffin! Jonathan brought it to her, and she was so excited!!
She was very careful about making her wish!
 Jonathan lit the candle seven more times - once for each year, and one to grow on!
Happy 7th Birthday, Sophie!

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