Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Break

The kids actually enjoyed Spring Break two weeks ago! We had so much fun, and the week was crazy busy, so I am just now sharing! Not to mention that I am slow at learning the ins and outs of blogging!

On Sunday night the kids headed up the street with their sleeping bags in tow (too cute) to celebrate Kylie's 8th birthday. She and her sweet mom wanted to include Andrew, inviting him for dinner with ice cream sundaes for dessert, all the while encouraging Joe and me to have a date night! However, Andrew took a really late nap, which actually worked in Joe's favor. We spent the evening watching the Master's!

When Andrew woke up from his nap, I walked him up to Kylie's house to join in the fun! He was so excited - he went running up the street! He got to play with "the guys", as he calls them, and of course, Mrs. Kelly made sure he enjoyed some ice cream!

These sweet kids are together most evenings and weekends -they have a lot of fun together!
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