Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Let's Celebrate

Sophie's birthday celebration was just getting started with the candle in her muffin!

Sophie's sweet mom, Stephanie, invited all of us over for a delicious lunch - a variety of sandwiches along with fresh strawberries, pineapple, and grapes. It looked so delicious!
First things first though...the PRESENTS! Sophie had seen our present for her earlier in the morning, and she could hardly contain her excitement! Thanks Olivia for all the great ideas!
She opened lots of presents, but saved a few to open later with her daddy. Sweet girl!
After our delicious lunch, Stephanie treated us to an afternoon at the indoor pool!
Jonathan was tossing balls into the water buckets, and Andrew couldn't wait for them to fall!

Jonathan is trying out Sophie's new water shooter. Look at that face!
This little cutie LOVED the fountains! When he sees these pictures he says, "Me, back, water!"

There is fun for everyone! The older kids loved these water buckets and the waterslide.
He also had fun running through the fountain behind him! The older kids were sweet to do it with him!
Loved the water torpedoes!
Jonathan and Sophie squirting each other.
We saved the best for last - chocolate cake with chocolate icing! We invited all of the neighbors to come enjoy cake and ice cream with us! Olivia and Sophie stay with us one day a week after school, so they are really part of our neighborhood!
I love to watch her blow out candles - she really takes her time and thinks about her wish! Isn't that a cute cake? I love the green and pink polka dots!
She REALLY wanted the center piece of the cake. It was huge! Only on your birthday, right?! And she did eat all of the icing- I even cut the cake in half so she could get to the icing in the middle!

What a great birthday! Thanks for letting us celebrate with you!

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