Friday, June 7, 2013


Last week we celebrated Joe's 51st Birthday! And the funniest thing happened! We bought balloons to tie to his new bike, so we could surprise him when he and Jonathan got home from Tae Kwon Do. As I was getting them out of the car, Andrew asked if he could hold them. I bet you can guess what happened next...
 It was hilarious! So when the guys got home, they found us trying to get them out of the tree! I didn't think there was any way we could reach them, but Lauren's creativity took over! She used Joe's wood clamps to attach a long piece of wood to the rake! After Joe stopped laughing and snapping pictures, he used her "tool" to get the balloons down!
She was so excited that her idea had worked!!! It really was ingenious! One remained stuck in the tree, and a few minutes after I took this picture, one popped! We were all laughing so hard!!!

 We decided to go ahead and give Joe his presents! We were too excited to wait until after dinner!
 Lauren made him a bowl for his keys, wallet and such. It turned out really cute!
 The balloons finally made it onto the bike! The kids were so excited ~ the bike had been in the back of our minivan for three days! Even Andrew kept the secret!!
 Joe's face when he saw the bike! He was so surprised!!
 I made his favorite dinner, chicken parmigiana, and his favorite dessert, chocoate eclair cake! He was happy, happy, happy!!
 The four greatest blessings in my life ~ I love them so!!!
Happy Birthday, Joe! You are a wonderful father and a precious husband! We love you so much!!!

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