Monday, June 10, 2013

Lake Weekend

We enjoyed our first weekend lake trip of the summer!
 These two were excited about their first wave runner ride of the summer! Love their smiles!
I love my nephew's face ~ he looks so excited ~ he just couldn't wait to get going!!
 White powdered doughnuts are the best snack!
My beautiful slalom skier ~ ready for her morning run!! Early skiers get the smooth water!
I really enjoy watching our kids ski! They amaze me ~ I couldn't slalom until I was in college! (poor Jonathan ~ I didn't snap the picture fast enough! Next time!)
 I love, love, love this! How cute is he!?! This was his first time on the ski skimmer, and he did great!!
I love the smiles on Joe and Lauren's faces! We were all so excited for him!
 This just makes me smile ~ happy kids!!
Wearing sunglasses to keep the rain out of his eyes! We were just thankful it held off until the end of the day!
Oh, the fun they had!!!
 We are so blessed to be able to spend a lot of time with Mama and Daddy at the lake in the summer! 
Last year, I really missed Daddy at the lake (he was battling cancer, and with radiation treatments five days a week, he never felt like going) ~ until then, I had really taken our lake time for granted. 
It was SO good to be back at the lake with Daddy this weekend! I now cherish our family time at the lake so much more ~ I appreciate it for the blessing it truly is!!

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