Monday, June 10, 2013

Three Men and Their Chainsaws

Joe has been wanting to cut four pine trees in our backyard for a while. When Daddy told him that he and his friend, Walt, would be willing to help him, Joe jumped at the opportunity! He loves it when he can do things himself, rather than having to hire someone!
Three men who absolutely love to work outside!
Hooking the cable to the tree ~ the youngest guy got that job!
Walt is making the first cut ~ Daddy was in the truck keeping the cable tight.
 The first tree is down! It always amazes me how the tree drops exactly where they say it will! 
 Walt's twenty-four inch chainsaw sliced right through that pine tree! Daddy and Joe used their smaller chainsaws to cut the smaller limbs. It was a great team effort!
 They cut two smaller pine trees before tackling the biggest one of all.
 This is just part of the top of that tree! They are so much braver than me ~ I would have been scared to death to cut that tree down!
 Daddy's neighbor took all the big pieces of wood. You can see Joe's pile in the background ~ he is going to rent a chipper ~ he is planning to use some of the chips under the kids' playset.
 They started around eight o'clock that morning, and they were completely finished by noon! Four trees in four hours ~ amazing!!! We could never thank Daddy and Walt enough for taking their time to help Joe ~ he appreciated the help so much! 
I think they all enjoyed the morning! I am thankful everyone stayed safe!

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