Sunday, June 2, 2013

Since Spring Break...

In some ways it feels like Spring Break was last week, and in others it seems like so long ago! Get ready for lots of pictures ~ I am playing catch up! The last couple of months have been crazy busy, and lots of fun!!

~ Easter ~
Our Easter weekend was not as we had planned. I was sick for most of the weekend, missing out on a lot of the celebration ~ but I felt better for Easter Sunday, and that was enough for me! We are so blessed to serve a risen Savior!
 Grayson and Andrew
 Aunt Jenny and Dixie enjoyed the church's egg hunt with the kids!
Lauren and Jonathan 
Andrew was being a stinker, Joe's eyes were closed, and I was not looking my best! Ha!
 Tammy and Grayson
Grandpa and Lauren
 Our sweet Papaw

~ April and May Fun ~

A fun afternoon with Brooks and Anna Claire ~ sweet, sweet friends!
 Andrew and Seth ~ Spider-Man overload! Can you guess what they were watching!?!
A picnic with our cute neighbor, Sydney!
 Jonathan earned his Dark Green belt at Tae Kwon Do!
Jonathan broke his first board, on his first try! He had been waiting anxiously for the opportunity to try ~ he was so, so excited!!
 Jonathan and his friend, Sophie, each had their artwork chosen for the Buncombe County Schools
Art Display at the Asheville Mall ~ they were so excited!
 My cousin, Jennifer, graduated with her B.S. in Special Education from Western Carolina University! She was so excited, and we are so proud of her! She will be such a wonderful teacher ~ it is truly her passion!
 Lauren's soccer team was the Conference Tournament Runner -Up! She was blessed to be on a team with such wonderful ladies! They had lots of fun together ~ it was a great season!
Our nephew, Jack, earned his Eagle Scout! We are so proud of him, and we felt honored to be a part of the celebration!

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