Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring Break

We were all so excited about Spring Break! A few warm and sunny weekends had given us Spring Fever, so we were hoping to spend lots of time outside! We were also looking forward to our first trip to the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta ~ Lauren and I had even convinced the guys to do a little shopping while we were there! We all had to laugh when we saw the forecast for the week...
Snow!!! Three days in a row! I have to admit that I really didn't believe it, because we have had very little snow this year, but we had more snow than we have had all winter. It only flurried here, but the counties around us had anywhere from 5-10 inches. Our plans for playing outside in the sunshine came to a screeching halt. It didn't keep us from having fun, though!
The first day was lots of fun! After spending the morning playing racquetball, the guys spent the afternoon constructing a volcano.
Jonathan could hardly wait for it to dry!

We all enjoyed watching the volcano erupt! Thank you Uncle Anthony and Aunt Jenny for the great gift!
Lauren, Andrew and I enjoyed a little shopping in the morning. While we were out, Lauren picked up some sewing accessories, and she spent the afternoon making a tote. It is SO cute ~ I just love it!! She loves to sew, and everything she makes is awesome!
We had enjoyed our snowy days, and we were all ready to head to Atlanta on Wednesday morning, until....Lauren woke up with a fever. It all went downhill from there. Joe and Andrew were already fighting colds, which were manageable. But, later that afternoon, Joe started feeling sick, and the next day, it hit me! Lauren is the only one who had a fever, but all three of us have had flu-like symptoms. As I am typing this, Joe and Lauren have taken Andrew to the doctor ~ he has been crying with his ears, and we are afraid to wait until tomorrow. I just hope Jonathan remains well!!
So, needless to say, the last three days of Spring Break required lots of this...
The kids did get outside yesterday with Joe. I opened the windows in my bedroom, and the fresh air, along with their sweet voices and laughter, helped me to feel a tiny bit better. I am just hoping we all get to enjoy our church's Easter service, along with our family get together tomorrow!

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