Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Birthday Fun with Friends

Jonathan was so excited about his birthday party with friends! He had it all planned out - a trip to Fun Depot with his best buddies, who would then spend the night. But, as is often the case for January birthdays, it all got postponed a week due to snow and ice. He was so disappointed, as were all his buddies. Luckily, the next week passed quickly, and it was time for fun! A snow day (just light snow in the morning) meant he got to put the icing on his basketball cake. I think he ate as much as he put on the cake (maybe more!).
All of the boys enjoyed playing outside before coming in to eat pizza, then... they all agreed Jonathan should open his presents before they took off to Fun Depot. I always love how each kid gets so excited when his present is being opened. Each gift was so perfect for Jonathan - his friends really know him well! 
Solomon, Cade, Will, Jonathan, Dylan and Jackson

After pizza and presents, Joe took all of the boys to Fun Depot (I asked him to make sure they were good and tired before he brought them home - ha ha!) - they enjoyed laser tag, mini golf, bowling, bumper cars, rock climbing and more. Unfortunately, there was one injury - while playing laser tag, two of the boys collided, leaving Jackson with a small cut and a huge knot, right between his eyes. We felt so bad for him, but he was such a trooper! He is one tough kid!

 They were ready for cake and ice cream when they got home - crazy I know at ten o'clock!!
After dessert, they all piled up in sleeping bags to watch "Lord of the Rings". It didn't take too long before they were all sound asleep - they really were tired!
 Dylan was the smartest one of the bunch - he claimed the couch!
 I was surprised, but they actually slept in until seven! Poor Jackson got sick during the night (scary, but ultimately not related to his collision), but he seemed much better by morning - the knot on his forehead was still bulging - later in the day he ended up with two black eyes. His mom was so sweet - she said it was a typical evening for him!

 The next morning they were wild!!! They had a blast jumping into piles of pillows, couch cushions and blankets! I know I'm crazy, but I loved it! Andrew did too!
These boys were so much fun! They were loud and full of energy, but they were also very kind and respectful - such an awesome bunch! Jonathan is blessed with great buddies!

While the boys were having fun, Lauren and Emma had fun sewing (Emma made her first tote - so sad I didn't get a picture) and baking - they made an awesome chocolate chip cookie cake!
So thankful for these sweet girls and their special friendship! It was such a fun night for all of us!


  1. You are a brave momma. Lots of boys and sleeping bags.

  2. I think "crazy" might be the word! Ha ha! They were all very well behaved, so it was a lot of fun!! And... taking them somewhere for a few hours was the smartest thing ever!!