Friday, March 29, 2013

Karyn Williams Concert

In late August of last year, I had the opportunity to meet singer/songwriter and Christian recording artist, Karyn Williams. God has been behind every detail of our friendship, and I would love to share the story... 

I almost always listen to Christian radio in my car, and this August morning was no exception. I had dropped Lauren and Jonathan off at school, and I was listening to the hosts of the morning show on 106.9 The Light interview Karyn Williams. She was talking about her debut album, "Only You". She told the story of writing her album's first single release, "Rest in the Hope", after struggling with her father's diagnosis of a rare form of  cancer. This really caught my attention, as my daddy was struggling to get through his last radiation treatments for throat cancer. I sat in my driveway and listened to every word of that song ~ it was beautiful! After playing the song, they announced she and her husband, Brian, would be having a meet and greet at Family Christian Bookstore that afternoon ~ the day of her album's release.

I had so much to do that day! My house desperately needed to be cleaned, and I had tons of laundry to do, but I couldn't shake the "tug on my heart" ~ the one urging me to go and meet her! I finally decided I just needed to go. I needed to quit finding excuses not to, and just go.
I was really embarrassed to show up in my sweats and hat, but I had waited too long ~ if I had taken the time to clean up, I would have missed them. I should have listened to my heart a lot sooner!!

We shared our stories, we cried, Andrew and I listened to them sing, and we promised to stay in touch! And we did! We connected on Twitter, and that was the way we kept up with each other for almost six months. Earlier this month, she contacted me, asking me if I might be willing to help her find a church in Asheville that might be willing to host she and her band. She was invited to perform at a YMCA event at the Blue Ridge Assembly on a Thursday night, but her Friday night plans had been cancelled, and she really wanted to turn it into an opportunity to minister to others! I couldn't have been more excited!!! After several phone calls, the concert fell into place ~ God had a plan!!!

I am sure I overwhelmed my Facebook friends with Karyn Williams posts that week, but I really wanted everyone to meet her ~ to have the opportunity to hear her music! She truly loves the Lord, and her voice is just as beautiful as her heart! She and her husband have a true gift for songwriting ~ it's amazing!
The concert was awesome!! I was just so excited to see her again ~ she is such a precious friend! My family and friends were so happy to finally meet her ~ I have raved about her for months!!
Emily Shackelton-James and Alan Luster performed with Karyn that night. They are incredible musicians!
 Sweet Sophie with her autographed album!
 Everyone who attended the concert absolutely loved it!!! Family of Faith Fellowship is planning to have her back in September, and my church hopes to host her very soon!!

Thank you, Karyn, for allowing me to be a part of such a special night ~ so many people were touched by your heart and your music! I am so thankful God brought us together ~ we have a special friendship that I will always treasure!

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