Friday, March 29, 2013

School Night Sleepovers

Over the course of six weeks, three different families asked if their sweet kids could stay with us overnight! Each time, one of the nights was a school night, and all of the kids thought that was awesome!

Taylor and Dylan's mom had to have ankle surgery. They stayed with us on a Sunday night since she had to be at the hospital early on that Monday morning. The sleepover and the surgery both went well!
 Jonathan's face cracks me up! I'm not sure he was awake.
Two weeks later, Olivia and Sophie came to spend the night. Their parents were in Seattle for four nights on a work related trip. The original plan was for them to stay with us on Saturday night, but unfortunately, Lauren was really, really sick with strep throat, forcing a change of plans. They came over late Sunday evening and spent the night. It was another fun evening for the kids ~ relaxed, but fun ~ pizza, board games, and a movie!
Our last overnight guest was our neighbor, Jordyn ~ her parents were in Miami for four days on a work related trip. It was a really busy, but extremely fun weekend at our house! As an only child she is used to a quiet house, but she loves the loud Zavaglias!!!
 I posted these two photos on Instagram...
 The Karyn Williams concert was awesome ~ the kids loved meeting her!
Celebrating a soccer win with TCBY! So yummy!

We enjoyed our time with these special friends!! I wonder if their parents would be up for a night or two with three extra kids... Ha ha!!!

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