Thursday, March 28, 2013

Andrew and Brooks

Several weeks ago, Andrew's friend, Brooks, came over to play for the afternoon. They love it when I pick them up together from preschool!
 They are just too cute! I love how Brooks has his arm on Andrew's shoulder!

 On our way home we just had to stop for ice cream! They were all smiles, and they ate every bite!
It was a beautiful day, so they played outside almost all afternoon! It was a little chilly in the shade, so we tried to stay in the sun. We only have one helmet for little guys, so we tried to stay away from hills! I couldn't convince one to wear a helmet when the other wasn't!!
These two cuties had so much fun together! I love how Jonathan and all of the neighborhood kids played with them when they got home from school ~ the little guys loved it too!


  1. I love Andrew's smile in these pictures. You can tell he loved having his friend over to play.

  2. He did! He's always around kids Lauren and Jonathan's age ~ they are all so sweet to include him and play with him, but it's not the same as playing with someone his own age. I am so happy he and Brooks have so much fun together!